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Chris Hodgson

Section Leader


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My Name is Chris Hodgson, I run our very large and busy scout section with the help of our other leaders and helpers. I have been in scouting as an adult since 1989, being involved at Group, District and county level. I have been a scout leader, Cub leader and Group scout leader.

​Why Scouts? I believe wholeheartedly in the ethos and values of scouting, I love the great outdoors, (& play there at every opportunity) but above all else I do it for the young people and what we as adults can give to them. It also gives to me in many ways.

​I am a BMC (British Mountaineering Council) HMLE (Hill & Moorland expedition Leader) I hold a MTA (Mountain training association) CWA & CWAA qualification (climbing wall award, climbing wall abseiling award).

​I have a scouts T1 permit (hill and moorland permit), scouts climbing and abseiling permit, scout’s nights away and expedition permit. I have the scout leaders wood badge (For finishing all training).

I'm the District Nights away advisor and I hold a Rescue and emergency care certificate. And in my spare time I am a DOE leader too.

So, your young people are in safe hands. Come and join us for the fun and adventure of a life time.

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