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Scouting is full of fun, adventure and friendship. As Bear Grylls, Chief Scout says ...

"Two things matter in life: following your dreams and looking after your friends.”


Our Scout Group is made up of a Beaver Colony, two Cub Packs, a Scout Troop and a active group of Young Leaders. The sections are run by teams of volunteer leaders and helpers who design a programme of  exciting weekly activities that build skills, friendships and confidence. There’s also opportunities to join in weekend activities – like District Beaver Fun days, the Devon County Cub Challenge and the Regional Scout Cooking competition.


We aim to offer all our youngsters the chance to take part in overnight stays at least once a year. For Beavers this might mean a sleepover in the Scout Centre and for Cubs a 2 or 3 night camp in The Field or other Scout facility in the County. Scouts are regular campers and also make visits to the Boy's Brigade facility at Hay Tor on Dartmoor. Our Young Leaders are encouraged to plan their own camping expeditions both near to home and further afield.

Here's a brief look at some of the activities at Scouts.


Our Scout Centre has a two storey indoor climbing wall. Youngsters get regular opportunities to use the wall during their weekly section meetings and at extra activity days and camps. Almost anyone can climb – you don’t need to be super fit! Good technique is more important than physical strength and our qualified instructors help youngsters to gain skill and confidence on the wall. Climbing is a very social activity – you’re never alone on the wall, and over time it can help develop concentration, determination and problem-solving.



The upstairs room in the Centre is designed to be used as an indoor air rifle range. Target shooting is an international sport and many of our top shooting athletes, including Olympic participants, started their shooting careers in Scouting. Our nationally qualified instructors offer youngsters the opportunity to test out their marksmanship skills - the ability to repeatedly place shots in as small an area as possible on a target. This requires a certain degree of physical skill but it is primarily a mental sport -being able to focus and concentrate in the present moment on the task in hand. Youngsters also learn how to operate in a calm and disciplined manner – they learn how to manage a risky activity safely.



Evidence of archery goes back 50,000 years and has its origins in hunting food and defending yourself! However, in scouting today we like to offer it as an exciting and rewarding activity that enables young people to develop a wide range of useful skills. They develop the hand-eye coordination to aim, it builds physical strength as they become better able to control their bow, and they need patience to practice and focus to shut out distractions. Archery sessions are always run as a group so young people learn to take turns and to support each other. They develop confidence as their skills improve. Best of all anyone can do it. Kit can be adapted to enable people with disabilities to enjoy the sport too.

We offer archery as an activity within our regular weekly meetings and at special weekend activity days and camps.


Camp Craft

Why do Scouts like camping? Because it gives us all the chance to learn how to take responsibility-  to stay warm and dry and safe and not hungry. This is not trivial, and it requires a great deal of teamwork and individual strength of character to achieve. Scouting is one of many good organisations for young people. But camping is what makes scouting great! So in Sid Vale we aim to offer all our youngsters the chance to camp at least once a year. We like to make the most of the amazing camping facilities we have: a wonderful flat field, surrounded by woodland, off the beaten track. We aim to teach youngsters camp craft skills - tents, fires, knife skills, knots, cooking, map reading and so on - during our weekly meetings and then to make the most of them during camps either at our own base or further afield. Sharing the camping chores, having fun together and enjoying each others company – the bedrocks of scouting and an opportunity to learn skills for life.

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