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Using our Site


Our website is the core of our Group's digital movement and part of our wider inclusiveness, improving accessible, and modernising to keep up with the latest trends. Our website hosts plenty of information about our Group, how to be part of it, and loads more.

1st Sid Vale's website, (""), is managed by the Team Lead of the Communications Team, a sub-committee (team) of 1st Sid Vale's Group Committee. Our team strives to make the website as easy to use as possible and we're always happy to hear your thoughts about our website and ways we can improve it. Let us know what you think here.

Using our Site

We've created our site with Accessibility in mind, and you can read our statement here. The Group's website contains a great deal of information for a wide range of users and we're constantly adding, reviewing and updating web pages as we go. The site's navigational structure is intended to make it easy for people to find the information they need. However if you have difficulty finding what you want, there a couple of different ways to navigate our site.


The primary way of navigating our website is by using the global navigation menu at the very top of the web page. This menu divides our websites into the relevant key elements of our Group and the websites purpose. From this menu navigation, you can click between our:

Home page

About us page

Sections landing page, with links to Beavers, Cubs, Scouts and Explorers section pages

Join landing page, with links to the Volunteer page

Hire page

Contact page

Each of the 6 pages linked in our navigation will have their own sub links and pages. Unfortunately, this site does not offer a breadcrumb trail or user sitemap.

On mobile devices (mainly mobile phones) the menu is not shown in the same way as on a desktop device (such as a desktop computer, laptop or compatible tablet). To access the menu, tap on the three horizontal lines (also known as triple bar) to expand, and open, the menu. Some pages may not be available on a mobile device, and therefore may not show in the menu or work on your device.


If you can't find what you're looking for by navigating our site using the menu, you can use the search function. Throughout the Group's website, a search box is available in the footer (bottom of the page).


To Search simply enter some keywords for your search term, press enter to search and you'll be redirected to the Search Results page. Alternatively, you can Search our site here


We aim to ensure our website is accessible to all by complying with accepted guidelines and web standards. To learn more about our sites accessibility, click here.

Header and Footer

The Header of our website is the navigation menu, as mentioned above. The Footer is the section at the very bottom of our website, were Search is located. The Footer has additional links to navigate you around our website and some external links. For instance, volunteers will find quick and useful links to external online resources and applications. On some web pages on our website, you might find that there is no Header or Footer. This may be for a number of reasons and not necessarily in error. To navigate on a page without a Header or Footer, look for other links or buttons on the page itself that take you back to the Homepage or more you on through our site.

Our Site Policies

We operate our website, and everything we do online, in accordance to our Policies set by the Group's Committee.

You're data and privacy is regulated under our Privacy Policy.

We tell you how cookies are used on our site in our Use of Cookies Statement.

Content Removal

You can use this tool to ask for some content to be removed from our website. Our Content Removal tool can be found here on our Content Removal page. 

BETA on our website

We show a 'beta' banner message whenever you're using a brand new webpage or version of a previous or currently active webpage. We may have beta services and web pages - there are a few differences between the two.

Some beta content may be removed or published fully (and replacing content) without notice.

BETA web pages​


We are always regularly making improvements to our website and the services it offers for our users.

  • As updated content is added to this website. This means information may appear twice on our website, therefore the new information is labelled 'beta' until the original has been removed or marked as 'archived'. 

  • We regret that sometimes web pages labelled as 'beta' may not follow our accessibility guidelines. However, they will comply with our Privacy Policy and Use of Cookies policy.

BETA services​


Only our newest services will be launched and labelled as 'beta services'. 

  • These services may not work for everyone.

  • The service may be similar to an existing one on our website already.

  • You may not be able to use an alternative service.


Archived content

We may archive content if:

  • it has been replaced by a previously labelled 'beta' web page or service

  • it has been replaced by new content 

  • it is no longer needed, or the content is out-dated or incorrect

  • the content is about to be phased out.

Archived content availability


We keep archived content such as web pages available on our website for up to six years. During this time, the content will not be updated or reviewed. Some content may not follow the practices of our new policies, and therefore you should not interact with any services available on archived content. 

During the life of archived content while its available, you can view this content to reference it to modern changes. This might be especially useful when training.

We may remove archived pages from our website without notice.

Archived banner


You will see a banner telling you that you are on an archived web page, or view archived content. This banner will also provide you a link to our homepage or the most up to date version of that webpage or content.

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