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You can use this service to request for the removal of some content, such as photos or videos, from this site (""). Some examples may include - but not limited to:

  • an image or video that includes your child or child under your care;

  • you believe the content is inappropriate; or

  • you have a concern about content on this site your reporting.

Please complete the form below to the best of your knowledge and understanding. This will ensure we can investigate the request to the fullest extent and take the appropriate action. Or, if you'd rather, you can contact us directly by email.


All content removal requests are reviewed manually and aren't always successful. At this time, you may not be informed of our decision nor able to appeal it. Thank you.

We take copyright seriously and never knowingly intend to breach copyright laws or agreements. However if you'd like to raise your concern about copyright infringement on this site, please visit our web designers website to Report Content, who'll happily handle your query;

Please provide your name, email address and optionally a telephone number.

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Please provide full URL link to webpage where the content is. If you're wanting to link more than one photo or video please provide links to the other photos in the additional information field.

For example,

This form is confidential however you cannot submit it anonymously. Your request may take up to 5 working days to process and before any action is taken regarding the photo, 1st Sid Vale Scout Group may contact you for additional information.


By submitting this form you therefore agree to our Privacy Policy and that the information and request you've made is done to be best of your knowledge.

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