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1st Sid Vale Scout Group, Sidmouth, was founded in 1913.


We provide a local resource supported entirely by volunteers, to enable young people from the ages of 6 – 18 years to enjoy adventurous activities.


We continue to encourage all our youngsters to take an active part in their community.

  • How do I get a Permission Form?
    If you need to complete a Photo & Video Permission Form, your Leader will be able to provide you with one. Alternatively, you can download the latest Permission Form from
  • Who do I give my completed Permission Form to?
    Return your Signed Permission Form to your Leader. Remember, all fields on the form are mandatory and make sure your choice is clearly ticked. If you made a mistake, you can ask your Leader for a new Form or download it from
  • When do I complete a Permission Form?
    Initally, when your child (young person, under 18) joins 1st Sid Vale Scout Group, a Parent or Guardian will need to complete the Photo & Video Permission Form. The section Leader will guide you through this. The Permission Form is valid until; the child is aged 18 years or older (at this point they are no longer considered as a child and can make their own decision regarding these permissions); they leave our Scout Group (1st Sid Vale); or the Group requires a new Permission Form to be completed.
  • How many Permssion Forms do I need to do?
    It's one Permission Form to every child (young person, under 18).
  • What is a third-party?
    Mentioned on the Permission Form, a third-party is someone that isn't part of our group (1st Sid Vale Scout Group). These might be - but not limited to: the local newspaper; and/or our website ( - which is provided to the Group by a third-party.
  • How do I change my permissions?
    As a parent or guardian, you can choose to update your permissions identified on your childs Permission Form. To do this, simply let your Leader know or reach out to us. Children (young people in Scouting, under 18) cannot change their photo permissions without consent from their parent or guardian. However those 18 or over, can make their own decision regarding their photo and video permissions.
  • How can I remove an photo or video of my child from this website?
    You can request for any photo or video to be removed from this website, '', by going to or by clicking here .

General FAQ's

Find us

1st Sid Vale Scout Group

Sid Vale Scout Centre

Salcombe Hill Road


Devon, EX10 0NY

from Google Maps

To get to the Sid Vale Scout Centre.

From Sidmouth:

On Sid Road turn right (if coming from Scott Cinema Sidmouth) or left (if coming from Fortescue) onto Salcombe Hill Road following signage for Salcombe Regis and Norman Lockyer Observatory.


Travel along Salcombe Hill Road and past the Norman Lockyer Observatory and we're just under a half a mile along the road on the left hand side from there. Look out for our new Scout Centre at the bottom right of our field and the signed gate, "Salcombe Regis Recreation Field".

From Sidford:

Follow the A3052 up the hill towards The Donkey Sanctuary. At the top of the hill turn right on to Salcombe Hill Road (just as the main road bends sharply to the left) - signposted Salcombe Regis. Follow this narrow lane for about a mile and a half. Go past the second left turn to Salcombe Regis and we're 500 yards ahead on the right. Look out for our new Scout Centre at the bottom right of our field and the signed gate, "Salcombe Regis Recreation Field".

Find us
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