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  • Our Team at 1st Sid Vale

    Our Team ​ ​ ​ about me ​ ​ ​ about me ​ ​ ​ about me ​ ​ ​ about me Team Lead Ben Ardley Hello, I'm Ben and this is my short Bio. about me Group Skills Instructor Nancy Craven I love being involved in scouting because it offers young people a way of gaining from and contributing to, the community in which they live. about me Section Leader Sarah Fletcher Sarah has been a Beaver leader since 2015 when her youngest was in Beavers and has continued because she loves it so much! about me Explorers Ian Fletcher Hi I'm Ian, I’m a cyber security consultant working for NHS Digital. I’m married with 3 children and as a family we are all involved in scouting one way or another! We moved down to Sidmouth in 2010 and, wanting to get involved in the community, immediately looked at joining the Scout Group. As well as finding working with young people really rewarding (I was a Cub Leader before moving to the Explorer section), it is great to be involved with a charity that makes such a difference to young people and the community! about me Section Leader Chris Hodgson I believe wholeheartedly in the ethos and values of scouting, I love the great outdoors! about me Group Chairman Gareth Hughes I enjoy being involved with 1st Sid Vale Scout group; there’s always lots going on. It’s great place to meet people and to see young people try new adventures. about me Active Scout Volunteer Brian Manwaring ​ about me Section Leader Simon Snowball (Snowy) I am Shere Khan, the Cub leaders have Jungle Book names, I first joined when my son was a Cub (now a Scout) as a helper and as many will tell you once you join you never leave. I am a building site manager but have other skills I enjoy teaching the Cubs and I am known as the leader who cooks the BBQ and loves doing the backwoods cooking. As a leader for 1st SidVale I am very lucky with the resources and leader team we have. The Cub section is fun and full of adventure, meaning that I get to have as much fun as the young people. about me

  • Leaders Section | Sidvale_scouts

    Welcome To the Leaders Section! Please Log in to Access Log In Files & Folders + File Item name Last updated Views Favorites Contributors 1st Sidvale Scouts 1 item can access Dec 15, 2023 0 A alexford55457 Item

  • 1st Sid Vale | Sidmouth, Devon

    1st Sid Vale Scout Group, Sidmouth, was founded in 1913. We provide a local resource supported entirely by volunteers, to enable young people from the ages of 6 – 18 years to enjoy adventurous activities such as: camping, archery, climbing, hiking, cooking, life skills, working toward badges and team events. We continue to encourage all our youngsters to take an active part in their community. Our Scouting Sections Beavers 6 to 8 Discover Cubs 8 to 10 and a half Discover Scouts 10 and a half to 14 Discover Explorers 14 to 18 Discover All our Sections are open to boys and girls and meet weekly in term time. Our Explorer Scouts are also Young Leaders, who help support the younger sections. Volunteer with 1st Sid Vale There are so many opportunities to get involved with Scouting at 1st Sid Vale. We have a growing team you can be part of. ​ Be part of the team, doing the things you love, and why not even try something new? Learn more #SkillsForLife Scouting encourages young people to never give up, face their fears, take the initiative and work as a team. Through fun and adventures, they gain character, employability and practical skills. ​ Help young people develop skills for life. Discover more Our Raised Beds Thanks to James Trevett and his team from Combe Garden Centre and Combe Estate for helping us to move our raised beds. Find out what they planted... Sid Vale Scout Centre Opened 20th October 2016 by Jeremy Vine, our brand new Scout Centre is open with a new indoor climbing wall, shooting range, and much more! We are based at the Sid Vale Scout Centre. Our Centre and Pavilion, and the surrounding field and woodlands allow us to offer a wide range of fun and adventurous activities for young people. ​ The Centre and Pavilion are available for hire.

  • New Scout Centre | 1st Sid Vale Scout Group | Sidmouth, England

    New Scout Centre 20 years of Dreaming , 3 years of Planning , 3 years Fundraising and 18 months of Building ! On 20th August 2016 we opened the Sid Vale Scout Centre and we'd to thank everyone who supported us along the way to secure an amazing facility that we hope will not only support Scouting in the Sid Valley for many years to come but also be a valuable asset to our local community. Jeremy Vine opens our new Scout Centre.

  • Member Page | Sidvale_scouts

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  • Cubs | 1st Sid Vale | Sidmouth, Devon

    Cubs Scouts enjoy new adventures whilst making new friends along the way! Their commitment is recognised by over thirty activity badges. As well as regular weekly meetings, Cubs Scouts can also enjoy activity days, weekends and pack holidays. Wider Scope Cubs are between 8 - 10 and a half years old The pack is divided into sixes, each named after a colour and led by a Cub Scout called a Sixer. Challenge and adventure are experienced in a wide range of exciting indoor and outdoor activities that include games, crafts, cooking, visits and outings and of course, camping. These activities offer, through the Cub Scout Programme, the opportunity to achieve awards and badges. Helping others forms an important part of Cub Scouting. Our Cub Pack Leaders Simon (Snowy) Vikki Cubs enjoy a wide range of Activities Going camping, Playing games, Exploring the outdoors, Trying adventurous activities – such as climbing, sailing and archery, Meeting people from their local community, Experiencing the culture of other countries and Keeping themselves and others safe Downloads Badges and Awards A diagram to help you position your badges on your uniform. ​ Click to view/download the PDF

  • Scouts | 1st Sid Vale | Sidmouth, Devon

    Explorers are a go-getting group of young people aged 14 to 18. Together, they make up the fourth section of the Scouts. Our Explorer Leaders Ian Fletcher Our Exporer Troop Our Young Leaders Scheme: The Scheme is a programme of 10 training modules and four missions (projects) designed to help and support those aged between 14 to 18 who work with a section (Beaver Scouts, Cub Scouts and Scouts) as a Young Leader. It gives Young Leaders the skills and knowledge to act as part of the section leadership team, and covers subjects such as a balanced, quality programme, Child Protection, First Aid and leadership skills. The Young Leaders’ Scheme is designed to help Young Leaders to develop the knowledge, skills and understanding needed in their current role, which can be built on if they decide to take out an adult appointment. ​ You can join Explorers at any age between 14 and 18, although you have to leave on your 18th Birthday. Once you are 18, as an adult you can either become part of the Scout Network (18-25 year olds) and run your own section and activities, or become an adult leader. What we do Explorers is all about doing fun but challenging activities. We recognize that many are doing GCSEs or A levels, so we want to make the evening sessions an opportunity for them to relax, have some fun but with some sort of purpose or aim! We also run additional challenges such as the Young Leaders Scheme, Silver Duke of Edinburgh, and they can also take part in the Ten Tors by joining up with a neighbouring Explorer Unit. Oh, and we will run several camps a year – mainly short weekend camps either at the Scout Centre or further afield. For those who want a real challenge and an experience of a lifetime, there is the Explorer Belt. This award is a chance to take part in a ten-day expedition that brings you a real understanding of a different country, its culture and way of life. So what’s not to like! Interested in volunteering? We’d love to hear from you if you want to be part of our amazing organisation. We have a range of different roles we need filling, from working with the young people with one of our sections, or helping out behind the scenes to continue to make our Group the success it is today. Types of roles include: Helping out with our Working Party which meets every Wednesday to help maintain the centre and field, doing DIY and maintenance jobs. Becoming a member of the Executive Committee – we’re always looking for a range of people with different skills that they can bring to the Group to help it grow and prosper. Skills we are always looking for are planning, administrative, management or financial. If you think you could help – please do get in touch, we’d love to hear from you!

  • Beavers | 1st Sid Vale | Sidmouth, Devon

    What’s the best thing about Beaver Scouts? Activities, trips and making friends are all part of what makes it so much fun for girls and boys. As well as earning activity badges, many Beavers Scouts get to go on camps and sleepovers, often for the first time. Beavers are between 6 and 8 years old. We meet once a week during term time. Leaders Sarah Fletcher What we love to do Being creative – making things and singing, playing games, going on visits and investigating nature. Learning about themselves, getting to know other people, discovering the worlds of science, nature and technology and Exploring the natural and manmade world are all what makes Beavers fun and full of adventure. What Beavers have to say The best thing we did was swim in the rain. I wasn’t even sure we were allowed to, it was brilliant! I mean we were wet anyway, so I guess it didn’t matter too much about the weather. Activities, trips and making friends are all part of what makes it so much fun for girls and boys. They do climbing, archery and lots more, As well as earning activity badges; many Beavers Scouts get to go on camps and sleepovers, often for the first time. Our Beavers "What do we have? FUN!" "What do we make? FRIENDS!" "Who are we? BEAVERS!" We build our programme around the Beaver Badge scheme covering all sorts of topics that help the youngsters find out about themselves and the world around them. By the end of their time in Beavers most of them will gain the Bronze Chief Scout Award -of which they are very proud! We have one Beaver Colony of 24 boys and girls organised into 4 Beaver Lodges - Blue Kingfishers, Brown Boulders, Green Otters and Red Rapids. We start and end all our meetings with a Beaver Damn We also have a long waiting list of youngsters waiting to join . We would dearly love to be able to open a second Colony - just need another Leader. Downloads Badges and Awards A diagram to help you position your badges on your uniform. ​ Click to view/download the PDF

  • Scouts | 1st Sid Vale | Sidmouth, Devon

    Scouts are between 10 and half and 14 years old. The Scout Troop is the third section in the Scout Group. Our Scout Pack Leaders Chris Hodgson Our Troop We have male and female members. Scouts work toward being senior patrol leaders (these help the adult team run the troop) patrol leaders and assistant patrol leaders. Older scouts (14 plus) will move on to become an Explorer Scout within the Scout movement. In our troop we are developing leadership skills, Learning emergency aid, spending nights away – the summer camp is often the highlight of the year, helping others in the community, cooking (both at home and at camp), adventurous and sporting activities – anything from abseiling to zorbing and Learn survival skills! If your child is moving on from Cubs there is no need to join the waiting list, please speak with your Cub leader. What we do We have a very active programme and regularly take part in archery, climbing, hiking, canoeing, raft building and camping, plus anything the mind can think of in-between! We also take part in external activity/challenge days e.g. Bicton Park which included activities such as climbing, zip wires, kayaking and rafting. We work towards badges; the main badge work is towards the Chief Scout Gold Award. We are currently starting to camp once a month on the Salcombe Regis Activity Centre to assist the scouts in gaining the Chief scout award. At this age, we encourage our members to take responsibility for themselves and each other, with older members leading a small team. They like being with friends and participating fully in the adventure of life. Downloads Badges and Awards A diagram to help you position your badges on your uniform. ​ Click to view/download the PDF

  • Contact 1st Sid Vale | Sidmouth, Devon

    Contact us Hello! How can we help? First Name Last Name Email Subject Leave us a message... Submit Thanks for submitting! 1st Sid Vale Scout Group, Sidmouth, was founded in 1913. We provide a local resource supported entirely by volunteers, to enable young people from the ages of 6 – 18 years to enjoy adventurous activities. We continue to encourage all our youngsters to take an active part in their community. Email How do I get a Permission Form? If you need to complete a Photo & Video Permission Form, your Leader will be able to provide you with one. Alternatively, you can download the latest Permission Form from Who do I give my completed Permission Form to? Return your Signed Permission Form to your Leader. Remember, all fields on the form are mandatory and make sure your choice is clearly ticked. If you made a mistake, you can ask your Leader for a new Form or download it from When do I complete a Permission Form? Initally, when your child (young person, under 18) joins 1st Sid Vale Scout Group, a Parent or Guardian will need to complete the Photo & Video Permission Form. The section Leader will guide you through this. The Permission Form is valid until; the child is aged 18 years or older (at this point they are no longer considered as a child and can make their own decision regarding these permissions); they leave our Scout Group (1st Sid Vale); or the Group requires a new Permission Form to be completed. How many Permssion Forms do I need to do? It's one Permission Form to every child (young person, under 18). What is a third-party? Mentioned on the Permission Form, a third-party is someone that isn't part of our group (1st Sid Vale Scout Group). These might be - but not limited to: the local newspaper; and/or our website ( - which is provided to the Group by a third-party. How do I change my permissions? As a parent or guardian, you can choose to update your permissions identified on your childs Permission Form. To do this, simply let your Leader know or reach out to us. Children (young people in Scouting, under 18) cannot change their photo permissions without consent from their parent or guardian. However those 18 or over, can make their own decision regarding their photo and video permissions. How can I remove an photo or video of my child from this website? You can request for any photo or video to be removed from this website, '', by going to or by clicking here . General FAQ's Find us 1st Sid Vale Scout Group Sid Vale Scout Centre Salcombe Hill Road Sidmouth Devon, EX10 0NY Get Directions from Google Maps OS Maps online To get to the Sid Vale Scout Centre. ​ From Sidmouth: ​ On Sid Road turn right (if coming from Scott Cinema Sidmouth) or left (if coming from Fortescue) onto Salcombe Hill Road following signage for Salcombe Regis and Norman Lockyer Observatory. Travel along Salcombe Hill Road and past the Norman Lockyer Observatory and we're just under a half a mile along the road on the left hand side from there. Look out for our new Scout Centre at the bottom right of our field and the signed gate, "Salcombe Regis Recreation Field". ​ From Sidford: ​ Follow the A3052 up the hill towards The Donkey Sanctuary. At the top of the hill turn right on to Salcombe Hill Road (just as the main road bends sharply to the left) - signposted Salcombe Regis. Follow this narrow lane for about a mile and a half. Go past the second left turn to Salcombe Regis and we're 500 yards ahead on the right. Look out for our new Scout Centre at the bottom right of our field and the signed gate, "Salcombe Regis Recreation Field". Find us

  • Activities | 1st Sid Vale Scout Group | Sidmouth, England

    Activities Scouting is full of fun, adventure and friendship. As Bear Grylls, Chief Scout says ... ​ "Two things matter in life: following your dreams and looking after your friends.” Our Scout Group is made up of a Beaver Colony, two Cub Packs, a Scout Troop and a active group of Young Leaders. The sections are run by teams of volunteer leaders and helpers who design a programme of exciting weekly activities that build skills, friendships and confidence. There’s also opportunities to join in weekend activities – like District Beaver Fun days, the Devon County Cub Challenge and the Regional Scout Cooking competition. We aim to offer all our youngsters the chance to take part in overnight stays at least once a year. For Beavers this might mean a sleepover in the Scout Centre and for Cubs a 2 or 3 night camp in The Field or other Scout facility in the County. Scouts are regular campers and also make visits to the Boy's Brigade facility at Hay Tor on Dartmoor. Our Young Leaders are encouraged to plan their own camping expeditions both near to home and further afield. Here's a brief look at some of the activities at Scouts. Climbing Our Scout Centre has a two storey indoor climbing wall. Youngsters get regular opportunities to use the wall during their weekly section meetings and at extra activity days and camps. Almost anyone can climb – you don’t need to be super fit! Good technique is more important than physical strength and our qualified instructors help youngsters to gain skill and confidence on the wall. Climbing is a very social activity – you’re never alone on the wall, and over time it can help develop concentration, determination and problem-solving. Shooting The upstairs room in the Centre is designed to be used as an indoor air rifle range. Target shooting is an international sport and many of our top shooting athletes, including Olympic participants, started their shooting careers in Scouting. Our nationally qualified instructors offer youngsters the opportunity to test out their marksmanship skills - the ability to repeatedly place shots in as small an area as possible on a target. This requires a certain degree of physical skill but it is primarily a mental sport -being able to focus and concentrate in the present moment on the task in hand. Youngsters also learn how to operate in a calm and disciplined manner – they learn how to manage a risky activity safely. Archery Evidence of archery goes back 50,000 years and has its origins in hunting food and defending yourself! However, in scouting today we like to offer it as an exciting and rewarding activity that enables young people to develop a wide range of useful skills. They develop the hand-eye coordination to aim, it builds physical strength as they become better able to control their bow, and they need patience to practice and focus to shut out distractions. Archery sessions are always run as a group so young people learn to take turns and to support each other. They develop confidence as their skills improve. Best of all anyone can do it. Kit can be adapted to enable people with disabilities to enjoy the sport too. We offer archery as an activity within our regular weekly meetings and at special weekend activity days and camps. Camp Craft Why do Scouts like camping? Because it gives us all the chance to learn how to take responsibility- to stay warm and dry and safe and not hungry. This is not trivial, and it requires a great deal of teamwork and individual strength of character to achieve. Scouting is one of many good organisations for young people. But camping is what makes scouting great! So in Sid Vale we aim to offer all our youngsters the chance to camp at least once a year. We like to make the most of the amazing camping facilities we have: a wonderful flat field, surrounded by woodland, off the beaten track. We aim to teach youngsters camp craft skills - tents, fires, knife skills, knots, cooking, map reading and so on - during our weekly meetings and then to make the most of them during camps either at our own base or further afield. Sharing the camping chores, having fun together and enjoying each others company – the bedrocks of scouting and an opportunity to learn skills for life.

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